Private Coronado Islands Boat Tour

Recommended Charter Time: 4 hours

If you love adventure in exotic places, this is your destination!

Mexico’s Coronado Islands, off the Baja peninsula, are known for their small deserted beaches and crystal clear, azure blue and emerald green waters—only a short boat ride away.

When you arrive, the scenery and extraordinary sea life will amaze you.  The sweeping landscape of rugged cliffs, natural bridges, and sea caves will make it hard for you to believe that you are only 14 miles away from the bustling city of San Diego.

Pristine water and rich bio-diversity

You will get to see one of the most abundant eco-systems off the Pacific coast in a place that is wild and secluded.  The perfect year round temperatures and pristine water creates unimaginable richness and bio-diversity.

Plan on seeing fantastic numbers of mammals and migratory sea birds—whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, sunfish, petrels, pelicans and the elusive boobies on this adventure tour.

Up close and personal

Riding in our low profile Navy Seal R.I.B. will allow you to get fantastically close to this wild eco-system—guaranteed to make your trip even more exciting!

A government issued passport is required for this tour.

Coronado Boat Tour Length: 4 hours

Tour Cost:

$784 plus tax for up to 6 passengers

$1300 plus tax for up to 10 passengers

+ Additional $35 per passenger for temporary Mexican Visa

(You will be asked to send us a photo of your passport, and we will handle this process! Easy as that!)

Reserve By Group Size