The Longest Migration Known to Man!

As the ice begins to travel southbound, the Grays get the hint and begin their migration to the warmer waters of Baja, Mexico. These dedicated mammals journey up to 75 miles a day at around 5 mph. And since San Diego is so close to their final destination, we even see some births ourselves, although it is rare.

An action shot of a Gray Whale breaching!

Usually, the first of the whales to arrive in Mexico are the females. Some are pregnant mothers and others are single and eager to mingle. The females seek out the protection of the Mexico lagoons. Here is where they will bear their calves and await the rest of the populations arrival. “By mid-February to mid-March most of the population has arrived and they are finally able to rest.

This is the migration these brave mammals make every year!

This is one of the longest mammal migrations known to man and  approximately 20,000 gray whales making this journey. And what happens in Baja Mexico does not stay there ???? Towards the beginning of March we will begin to see Cows and calves migrating north to their feeding grounds for the gourmet plankton buffet.

We’ve been seeing Grays just about every tour!!! To experience firsthand the longest migration on earth join us for an Adventure Rib Ride!

Adventure Rib Rides Whale Watching San Diego Grey Whales
Two friendly Grey Whales playing next to a San Diego Whale Watching tour with Adventure R.I.B. rides

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