Responsible Tourism with Adventure Rib Rides

Here at Adventure Rib Rides, we take pride in making our tours safe and responsible. We take the stance to make sure the wildlife feel protected and comfortable. The Grays are continuing to make their journey down to the warm waters of Mexico and our Captains have spotted quite a few calves! Therefore, we wanted to put out a friendly reminder to book your environmentally conscious tours!

Our Captains are marine experts and believe that whale watching should be educational and a two-way process, “just as we are encountering the animals in the wild, so they are encountering us.”

Therefore, we always approach whales slowly and sideways, never from the front or rear and if they choose to approach us then its a whaling time.

For more information regarding safe tourism practices please check out these amazing advocates!!!

“It is important to support whale watching in the wild because the only other alternative is to watch them in captivity.”

Responsible & Safe Tourism

Dylan Walker, founder of the World Cetacean Alliance states

“Whale watching is growing at an alarming rate in some parts of the world and needs to be managed carefully to provide the best customer experience and minimize impact on the whales. Most tourists have no idea that there are issues associated with watching whales in the wild, as it is difficult to know when a whale is under stress if you aren’t an expert. But when done well, whale watching is also a tremendous force for good. It should be about having a mind-blowing experience, and for those who get it right it can be life-changing. There are only a small number of companies really providing a quality, first class experience. The leaders in the field are the whale watching destinations that are thinking beyond competition, such as Madeira, where the whale watching companies all work closely together, following the national park’s whale watching guidelines. Often guidelines are simply imposed, but on Madeira, the park was wise to consult with the people doing the whale watching, not just scientists. This empowered all the operators and created a tight knit network and, therefore, a better experience for everyone.”

Responsible & Safe Tourism
Education and Conservation

“The Pacific Whale Watch Association consists of 28 dedicated whale watching and ecotourism businesses committed to research, education, and responsible wildlife viewing. Member companies depart from 19 different ports in Washington State and British Columbia, educating and inspiring nearly half a million visitors every year.”

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I’m proud that my brother is one of your captains.

Hi Manya!
Thank you for your comment. We love having Captain Rick on our team! =)

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