Pacific White-sided Dolphins

Pacific White Sided Dolphins in San Diego

Pacific White-sided Dolphins are the acrobats of the sea! We are lucky to experience these playful mammals on our wildlife safaris from October through June. Some of our tours in the Winter and Spring get to ride along with up to 1,000 Pacific White-sided dolphins at a time! They are extremely social and we love watching them play alongside our low-profile, inflatable boats.

Pacific White Sided Dolphin Behavior!

Pacific white-sided dolphins are impressive. They are some of the most active and social mammals we find on our trips. We frequently find them co-mingling with other local species such as harbor seals, sea lions, other species of dolphins, and even Humpback or Grey Whales. It is quite the show to see a feeding frenzy of so many animals.  These dolphins love performing, you can find them leaping, flipping and spinning, sometimes even somersaulting around their marine friends.

Where do Pacific white-sided dolphins live?

“Pacific white-sided dolphins are at home in the cool, temperate waters of the North Pacific and surrounding seas. Although they prefer deep, offshore waters around the continental shelf, they will sometimes venture closer to shore.

As well as these significant dangers, Pacific white-sided dolphins also face threats in the form of prey depletion, marine debris and the ongoing impacts of climate change.”

The variety of names of a Pacific White-sided Dolphin

The Pacific White-sided Dolphin has a variety of names, it’s scientific name is Lagenorhynchus obliquidens. They are also known as: Hook-finned porpoise, White-striped dolphin, Lag, or Pacific-striped dolphin.

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Save the whales – Save the world : WDC

They are an amazing resource for information and also do amazing work!

Their mission is simple:

“Protecting whales and dolphins because they are amazing creatures is a worthy cause.

Protecting whales and dolphins because they play a vital role in the health of our planet and our future is a necessity.”

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