Mylar Balloons effect on the environment

This March, we are starting a campaign to help protect our marine life against the threats of plastic and Mylar balloons!

The Impact of the Mylar Balloon!

Mylar balloons have been recorded to travel up to 1,000 miles before coming down, usually landing in the ocean or coastal regions.

Mylar and plastic pollution cause about 100,000 marine mammal deaths annually.  The most common marine mammals impacted by this pollution include dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions and whales which are the main species of wildlife marine life you can expect to experience on our ocean safaris!

Each trip our Captains return with hands full of waste, but the most common threat they recover is the Mylar Balloon. We have had our Captains return with more than 25 balloons on one trip!

March Mylar Madness

Please join for March Mylar Madness and help blow up awareness of the dangers of balloon pollution. Not only does it impact our wildlife but it contributes to the overall collection of garbage that is floating through our seas. We are partnering with Balloons Blow at an amazing 501 (c)3 non-profit based out of Florida. They’ve been picking up balloons since they were kids, read more about their story here!

Join us this month not only for the ride of your life, but a ride that will contribute to the protection of our local marine animals! Book your next adventure here!  

 “What goes up  always comes down!”

March Mylar Madness


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