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Rated as the best Whale Watching Tour in San Diego, you are guaranteed to have a good time on one of our fun, fast rigid inflatable boats (R.I.B.s)! With no crowds, no hassle, almost no sea sickness, and a personalized tour, there is no question why we have been given 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor, Yelp, & Google! Every day, we get to explore the beautiful ocean that is in our back yard. San Diego offers some of the best whale watching with year round whale sightings of Humpback whales, Fin whales, Orca whales, Dolphins, and much more. In San Diego, we also have two major seasons when we see the gray whale migration pass by us from November to May and the Blue Whale season from May to October! Our boats are low profile which lets us get in the middle of large pods of dolphin who will playfully swim all around our boats in arms reach of the passengers! Our fleet of four, fast boats are able to cover more ground, giving us the highest wildlife sighting success rate of any ocean safari company in San Diego! Learn more about our whale watching tours.

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Take a guided tour of the San Diego Bay on an Authentic NAVY R.I.B. (Rigid Inflatable Boat) Our fast boats will give you a thrilling ride around the bay with plenty of time to see the beautiful San Diego skyline, the incredible Coronado Bridge, and even the bait barge where you can meet some of local wild sea-lions and harbor seals! Our R.I.B.s offer the best vantage point allowing you to get up close to some of San Diego’s most iconic landmarks! There is no other tour that is as personal and customizable as our fun and educational bay tours! Learn more about San Diego Harbor Tours.

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Take a day trip down to Mexico to explore the Majestic Los Coronados Islands! We will travel out of the beautiful San Diego Bay, through the ocean, and down to the islands which are home to some of the most amazing marine ecosystems in this region. On this eco-tour we will also look for whales, dolphins, and other marine wildlife like sharks, sea-lions, and various sea birds. When we get there we will explore the various landscapes of the islands including caves, key-holes, and lava rocks. We will also take you around the islands to see the old Prohibition Casino, the Sea Lion pups, and the military base. Learn more about the Coronado Islands Eco Tour.

Why us

Since 2006, we have been recognized as the first, premier, year round whale watching company in San Diego, California. Our military decommissioned Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (R.I.B.s) are fun, fast, low-profile boats that allow you to maneuver up close to wildlife, landmarks, and even the Los Coronados Islands in Mexico. We are the fastest, safest, and most fun boats on the Southern California coast which allows us to offer an incredible and unique experience of San Diego by water!


Our small group size gives each passenger one on one time to talk with the captain, ask questions, make special requests, and engage in the adventure of a lifetime! All of our personable captains will educate you on wildlife, Naval Heritage, and tons of fun facts about San Diego. We provide everything you will need for the tour.
We offer every passenger a survival suit to keep them warm and dry, sunscreen, and even have hats, sweatshirts, and snacks available for purchase on site. Every seat on the boat has a 360 degree, front row view of the most spectacular sights in California.
No crowds
Up close and personal
Full 360 degree views
Fast and fun
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Adventure RIB Rides
Christina G.

Our Captain, Kirk, was absolutely phenomenal! We had a complete blast flying through the ocean in search of marine wildlife. We saw huge pelicans, lots of sea lions, a school of tuna, and a giant mega pod of dolphins. Kirk had us lean over the front of the boat to watch the dolphins swim under us, and when the dolphins turned over to make eye contact…just wow…it was a once in a lifetime kind of experience that we will never forget. We even got to see a dolphin give birth right beside the boat! If you only do one activity in San Diego, this should be it.

Suzanne M.

We were so excited about seeing a huge pod of dolphins, then got word that a humpback whale was spotted nearby, so we moved to that location and saw another huge pod of dolphins and Twitch, the adolescent humpback whale! After surfacing several times, he showed off his gigantic tail like he was waving goodbye. We loved every minute of being in the boat! Our captain was very knowledgeable and just as enthusiastic about seeing the wildlife as we were!

Jeff C

This tour company is more than simple dolphin and whale sightseeing. They take the “adventure” in their name seriously and provide guests with a fun and thrilling boat ride on their ridged inflatables. Our guide was entertaining and informing. The tour included passing through a giant kelp farm, hundreds of dolphins, skipping over the waves at “22 mph”, and lots of fun facts and humor. The tour is suitable kids and adults of all ages. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to get close to marine mammals in a small fast boat.

Steve S.

What an unreal experience! We were here in October, and saw sea lions, dolphins, humpback and minke whales, and even a Marlin! Our captain was awesome and we had the time of our lives! THANK YOU!